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Foreclosed Home Inspections

Buyers often ask why they should have an inspection of the foreclosed property.
Foreclosed homes are generally sold "as is", meaning any "and all" issues with the home is your sole responsibility. Even though you may be buying the home for a good price, the house may have major defects that are unseen or undisclosed that may end up costing more than you had considered.
A foreclosed home that is or has been vacant for some time will start to deteriorate. Houses are made to be lived in, water ran, electric used, windows opened, doors used, and someone living there to take care of small repairs before they become a major issue.
You need a certified inspector to see what the untrained eye can not. There may be signs of past water leaks is the attic or crawlspace. Does all the electric outlets work? How old is the water heater and the furnace? Are there any gas leaks?
If you are saving thousands of dollars on a foreclosed home, shouldn't you make sure you don't spend that same amount having to make repairs after the purchase.

Some things you should know about a foreclosed inspection:


  • You should attend the inspection to see any problems first hand and be able to ask questions about what you see.
  • Make sure ALL utilities will be on at time of inspection. If the utilities are off, there the inspector cannot fully check the function of things, and the inspector WILL NOT turn on any utilities or light any pilot lights.
  • All home will have some issues, even newly built homes. Foreclosed homes may have more problems, know what is important to you and ask questions about the inspection.
  • Don't hire a inspector solely on price, and this goes for any inspection. What may save you money now may end up costing you thousands later.
  • Have an inspector with you as you look at foreclosed homes. click here for more information about this.
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