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More Then A Full Home Inspection

We offer more then just a full home inspection.
If you are not yet in escrow on any property, we will join you to do just a "visible" inspection of the property to inform you of any problems before you make an offer on a property. This is a 100% visual assessment of the various components and I will verbally describe the condition to you as you take notes. I also encourage you to ask as many questions as possible. Nothing will be operated during this type of inspection. There is no written report with this type of inspection.
We also offer a SPOT inspection. This type of inspection is for homeowners or renters who are having problems with individual components in the home. Such as the roof, or the heating or cooling system, or the water heater. We will inspect the component and document the problem for you so you may make a decision to repair or replace the component. If you have a contractor look at the component, they may try to sell you more than you need to make more money. We do not believe in that kind of business, we are an unbiased, third party company with YOUR best interest in mind.
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